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Global supply chain platform with shared cloud warehousing service

Connect global chain, gather service, integrate platform, free system, decision with data

Strategic positioning, global victory, keep in doors, selling globally

rent warehouse, search services go www. warehousing.com

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global exhibition, global warehouse, networking

the era of global warehouse and logistics is coming

the age of warehouse networking is coming

free wms is coming

Searching nearby warehousing service based on LBS

Show you nearby warehouse based on your location with more convenience

Search nearby warehouse, understand surroundings and accurate location of warehouse and help you rent warehouse conveniently

free WMS:free system, empower ability

Enable to manage warehouse more easily

free access to WMS for registered users

Exhibite your warehouse to the world, matching supply and demand

shop management: orders synchronization, automatically capture

Centralized management of multiple platform and shops

support automatic order synchronization

A platform managing all merchandise, customers, logistics, sales orders

instant communication

abandon intermediary, platform users can connect and communicate with each other by themselves

You can develop group, communication, send location and perform other functions.

business negotiation, do not need to jump to another platform

Member center

highlight date dashboard, only retain relevant key functions

You can release information of warehousing service and publish demand through mobile phone

instantly search the quotation information and manage the business anytime and anywhere

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