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《 Conditions for Users》
Dear customers:
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Conditions for Users, mobile phone application program and service form an online service platform, collectively called “”. Before registration, please read this agreement:

I.Acceptance clause

This Agreement includes all texts and various rules published or possible to be published in the future of All the rules are the indivisible part of the Agreement and have equal legal effect with the text. Please read related rules carefully, which are collectively called “the Agreement” in the following contents. The users must agree to the Agreement and complete registration thus to become the formal registered user, if you don’t agree with the contents of the Agreement, please don’t register for using.

II.Service regulations

(1)The users are completely responsible for the contents published, uploaded or transmitted by themselves, besides, all users are not allowed to publish, reprint and transmit the following contents on any pages of, otherwise, has the right to handle by itself, including: deleting related contents, suspending the user authority and deleting the users, and it doesn’t need to notify the users in advance:

<1> Violate the determined basic principles of Constitution;

<2> Jeopardize national security, reveal state secrets, overturn state political power and destroy national unity;

<3> Impair national honor and benefit;

<4> Instigate ethic hostility and ethic discrimination, destroy ethic unity;

<5> Break the national religious policy, advocate heresy and feudalistic superstition;

<6> Spread rumors, disturb the social order and undermine the social stability;

<7> Spread obscenity, eroticism, gambling, violence and horror or instigate crime;

<8> Insult or slander others, impair legal interests of others;

<9> Instigate unlawful assembly, association formation, parade and demonstration, gather crowds to disturb the social order;

<10> Organized nominal activities by the name of illegal non-governmental organization;

<11> Other contents banned by the laws and administrative regulations

(2) The related data such as user name and user information can not contain the information of malicious slander and attacking others, while the user account can not be used for illegal behaviors and behaviors banned by the law. Otherwise, has the right to delete the user without needing to notify the user.

(3) The users must publish the legal products or services and can not conduct activities damaging the legal interests of other users through this website. If the related user violates the information publishing rule, he shall suffer the consequence. Otherwise, has the right to delete the illegal information.

III. Registration materials of users

In the registration program completion process or the actual service usage process through other allowable modes of, the users shall be the natural persons and enterprise (organization) representatives who have full capacity for civil conduct and corresponding disposing capacity. If not, please don’t register.

(1) Provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information, company information, warehouse information and supporting services.

(2) Agree to accept the information from

(3) Update the registration materials constantly after registration to conform to the timely, detailed and accurate requirements.

(4) In view of provided information, you have authorized to exclusively, universally, permanently and freely use the right, therefore, has the right (completely or partially) to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, implement and present “your materials” or produce other derivative works. has the right to check the legal procedures and corporate legality of the registered users, publish the service quality and price authenticity, and has the right to require the users to supplement their complete and accurate materials.

IV. Service content

(1) As the network platform for users to seek for transaction objects, promotes the related parties to negotiate in warehousing and other service transactions, which is the network platform for users to obtain various service information. The users know and agree to obtain information through it, besides, the related transaction parties should fully make communication and know the opposite side before transaction, and all losses in the transaction implementation process should be born by the users. The users know and agree that is not involved in related transactions, and is not the agent of any parties, therefore, it can not control the service quality, security or legality of related transaction, and the transaction parties shall perform various obligations and responsibilities in the transaction process.

(2) The users can publish one or multiple information through, including but not limited to goods storage requirement, warehouse facility, picture, video, phone number, contact person, warehouse service, warehouse location, qualification certificate of warehouse and related supporting service. The users enjoy complete intellectual property of published information, or have obtained the legal authorization of related obligees. The users shall publish information based on practical requests and true service capability, and completely take responsibility for the published information. Besides, the published information known and agreed by the users can be searched by other registered users. undertakes no responsibility for the published information by the users, while it has the right to supervise whether the published information is true and effective, and accept the complaints of other users.

V. Agreement modification has the right to modify the agreement if necessary and hint the modified contents on a significant position of If the registered users don’t agree with the modified contents, they can cancel registration, and related services of will be promoted. If the users continue to enjoy the network service, they will be deemed as accepting the agreement change. keeps the right of modifying or interrupting the service without notifying the users.

VI. User account, password and security

Each registered users shall be responsible for registration name and password protection as well as all activities and events (including but not limited to information disclosure, information publishing, agreement based on online click or various rule and agreement submitting, online agreement renewal or service purchasing) related to their accounts and passwords. You can change your password based on indications. If you find your account is used illegally or it exists with security loophole, please notify instantly.

VII. Ownership of service contents and exemption from responsibility

(1) The network service contents determined by, including word, software, voice, picture, recorded video, chart, all advertising contents and all emails, wherein, other information provide by are protected by the laws of related copyright, label and other property ownership. Therefore, the users can only use these contents under the authorization of and advertising agency instead of duplicating and reproduction or creating related derivative products without authorization,

(2) gives no guarantee that the information service will not be interrupted and gives no guarantee on timely and safe service without errors, but it will avoid errors and recover data as soon as possible within the scope of its ability.

(3) The users clearly agree that the risks from information service usage are born by themselves. will not involve in the related transactions. If you have disputes with other users, you shall exempt any different types and natures of claims for right and legal responsibility related to the disputes.

VIII. Law application

The users and consistently agree to obey the jurisdiction of the local court. In case of any problems, the users and shall solve the problems through friendly negotiation, if no settlement can be reached through negotiation, make a lawsuit to the People’s Court according to the law of the People's Republic of China has the right to modify the agreement if necessary and hint the modified contents on a significant position of If the registered users don’t agree with the modified contents, they can cancel registration, and related services of will be promoted. If the users continue to enjoy the network service, they will be deemed as accepting the agreement change. keeps the right of modifying or interrupting the service without notifying the users.