Integrated warehouses at Tema harbour

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Price Negotiable
  • 4000㎡
    Warehouse area
  • 4000㎡
    Rentable area
  • 1000㎡
    Least rental area
  • Warehouse Type:
  • Building Type:
  • Location:
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  • Advantages:
  • Ghana Shippers Authority
    "If you have any questions or cooperation intention about this project, please contact us"
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Serial Number:LC20200401214735309

Basic Information

  • Lease term:
    No information
  • Bonded warehouse:
  • Construction status:
    Construction Completed
  • Construction year:
    No information
  • Brand :
    No information
  • Service type:
    Warehousing and distribution integration,Warehouse rental,Packing and unloading
  • Invoice type:
    No information

Warehouse details

  • Total floor:
    1 floor
  • Layer height:
  • Fire certification:
    Class B
  • Fire inspection:
    No information
  • Building Structure:
    No information
  • Floor material:
Floors Rentable area(㎡) Least rental area(㎡) Load bearing(t/㎡) Layer height(m) Whether it can be rented separately Price(¥/㎡·Day)
1 4000 1000 No data 8 No Price Negotiable Inquiry

Park details

  • Park security:
    Park security
  • Number of entrances and exits:
    No information
  • Entrance width and height:
    No information
  • Maximum power supply:
    No information

Warehouse description

The GSA has six large warehouses in a prime location at the Tema Harbour to provide warehousing facilities to shippers especially shippers of landlocked countries transiting through the Tema Port

Location Advantage

Complementary supply chain resources close to this warehouse/Park
  • Service
  • Traffic
  • Nearby
  • Logistics service
  • High speed
  • Port
  • Airport
  • Train station
  • Transit
  • Metro
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Hospital

Facility information

  • Water, electricity, network
    Water supply
  • Warehouse facilities
    Parking lot
Contact Owner
Contacts:Ghana Shippers Authority
Contact number:0302666915
Remind: Docking information is free,If you cannot contact the warehouseowner, please contact customer service 020-37209572
(am 9:00-pm 18:00)
Reminder: If you can’t find a suitable warehouse, you can task to curate and find you a warehouse. Currently, 18058 merchants have submitted their applications.
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